Leos: Kings of the Zodiac

Hear the mighty roar of the lion from the stars. Leo is a sun sign. They have strong personalities that can light up a social event. Leos are rarely afraid and yet they present themselves as vulnerable. Leo men tend to form strong emotional bonds and can show blind faith in relationships unlike a more detached sign like Capricorn.

4 Special Leo Man Traits  

Leo man traits

There are qualities Leo men have that make them a better match with other zodiac signs than others. Qualities that most accurately describe Leo man traits include the belief in long term relationships. Leo’s tend to be spendthrifts and saving for the future doesn’t enter into their mind usually. Other traits that are well known to be found in Leo men are such as these:

1.    Leo men tend to be very demanding in the relationship and need constant attention.

2.    Leos, like real lions, can be very ferocious and may not fit in well with others.

3.    Leo men can be the bringers of sunshine to the lives of those who feel sad.

4.    Leos are described as warm, cheerful, and outgoing.

Negative traits of Leo men include egotistical behavior and the demanding personality they are famous for. Sometimes Leos who are not in harmony with themselves will be lazy and intolerant as well. Leo men value the respect and admiration of others greatly. They radiate the most aggressive, fearless, and charismatic personalities in the zodiac. Under the intimidating mane though, most Leo men are straightforward and very predictable.

A Final Word on Leos

Being the highly aggressive sign that it is Leos are often attracted to symbols that are considered flashy. Expensive cars, a trip to Coachella, a large house are all going to be very exciting to a Leo man. Jealousy is the motivating factor in the mind of a Leo because they like to show they are kings of their jungle.